Outlook express new email disappear then reappear

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I have a strange issue with my outlook express email.

I know that I have received a bunch of email but I can't see them. Sometime, when I close and re-open outlook express they will suddenly appear and they may disappear a few second after.

If I click on send receive, some email may get received, if I re-click on send-receive I may lose them... it's very strange.

After few hours, I receive some "new" email (not all email... only a few of them) that were send 1-2 hours before.

I don't have new email rules since this issue appear. All the mail that rules apply on it are successfully received. But the one that doesn't match my rules have some trouble to stay in my inbox folder.

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How much email do  you have?

If you go to :

C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

How large are you dbx files? At some point it gets corrupt and can display this issue.

You can also try to compact your outlook express:

Select File | Folder | Compact All Folders from the menu.


my dbx file are very large.. about 2gb
Barry GillChief of Staff

When my dbx files got to 1Gb I started seeing this.
In the end I was forced to drop Outlook Express through a move to Windows 7. I am now running Thunderbird for my mail, though the new Windows Live is looking quite promising again...
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I don't want to move to windows 7 nor thunderbird.

I must fix this issue and keep OE.

I'll try to compact my DB. But I think that my user already did this.

Also, if it's a corrupted dbx file, how can I repair it ?

Thank you

Barry GillChief of Staff
If memory serves, you are going to have to re-import them :(
So move them out of the directory, place them somewhere else and import them, then with the new messages, create new base files and move messages into them. then compact them.

Long work, but it should work as you are already able to view things in there, just not reliably, so the import should take care of that for you


Thank you both for your help.

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