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I have a server with an OS raid and a file store RAID.
I need to rebuild the server OS. I have lots of files on the file store raid with particular NTFS permissions. Will these permissions stay in tact on rebuild of OS?

win 2k3 to win 2k8
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It will depend on if the permissions are permissions for users on the local machine or the domain.  If it is for the local machine, you will lose the security (All the users in the security list will appear as GUIDs).  if the permissions are set using domain users, they should be fine on another machine on your domain.


yeah it is domain environment.

so looks i should be good to go.
Yes, I have done this many times.  

By rebuild to you mean CHKDSK? if so yes.
If you mean reinstalling Windows on top of Windows then likely NO unless it is an in place upgrade.

Check out this
and this

For information on keeping shares and permissions while migrating data. This will help you understand how to backup and copy the information if it is lost.
Anyone on here can tell you anything, maybe the answer is that no you will not lose any permissions but do you really trust that to be the true answer? After all if everything worked perfectly like it should I wouldn't have a job.


raid 1 OS
raid 5 files (user share)

all we are doing is rebuilding the RAID 1, which has the OS.

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