System Restore in Windows Server 2008 and 2003

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Hi Guys,

Does anybody know how I can get system restore working on a windows 2008 server? I have googled this question and I have had a nosy around the server but no joy yet!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance
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There is really no system restore with 2003, windows server 2003 mainly relies on backups (ntbackup) and uses system state (just like system restore).  Mainly just configure your backups to run on schedule and what is all needed and run them everyday of the week.  It is best to be redundant in case backups fail.  But for the server environment use backups and have plenty of them.
As previously stated, there is no such thing as System Resotre on a server technology like there is in a workstation machine. There is much more involved in the Server OS than a desktop machine and it takes a good backup to be able to restore a Server machine. In 2003 you could use the NTBACKUP from the start > run box and configure it to your needs. I would suggest you do a lot of research as it is critical that you backup key items such as System State and Exchange Store just to name a couple. In 2008 you can use an external USB drive and it will backup the entie machine in an image format. The downfall of using the USB drive is that windows consumes the entire drive and does not make it available for other use. So in a nutshell, if you buy a 1.5 TB drive and windows is only using 500GB the other 1TB is not available for use for other storage.

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