server 2008 r2 + win 7 laptop, removed roaming profile GPO/profile path user/machine still trying to logon as a romaing account

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Hi all,

i was trialing romaing profiles on a test account and a test laptop, and im ending the test, so i removed the profile path of the test user from active directory, deleted my romaing profiles GPO run a gpupdate /force on the laptop and then rebooted

after logging back on again as the test user a tempoary profile is loaded everytime and no local profile is even created

ive looked under comp management and the user is there under local account

ive tried everything i can think of and everytime the temp a ccount is loaded, saying "youve been logged on locally as the...etc etc" message

any ideas?
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Log into the laptop as an admin and under the Users folder delete the folder with the name of the account that has the roaming profile.
If needed backup desktop, my docs, favorites, etc... first.

Log back into laptop and it should load the profile locally.

Roaming profiles are the devil BTW. And you have gone into the profile in Active Directory and removed the roaming profile option in there as well I am assuming?

You may have to log into the laptop as a LOCAL admin to do what I suggested above.


yeah ive already done that,

c:\users deleted JohnSmith (test account) still its looking for that romaing profile :|

perhaps something in the registry?

You will need to rename the folder under users as burners stated above before it will work, just go in as administrator, and rename the folder under C:\users to user.bak this will then allow you to get into the folder if you need to retrieve anything at a later date, then login as the user and it should all be fine.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

That is the location for locally stored profiles.
Check each folder under that location and you will see what user it is linked to.
Deleted each folder which belongs to your test user.

Sorry the key you want to look at is "ProfileImagePath" and will likely be one of the bottom subfolders but I do think it is something on the domain controller.

Worth a shot though.


deleted the profile from registry logged in and its back as it should be :)


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