SonicWall Pro 2040 Reset

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Can anyone tell me the steps needed to reset a SonicWall Pro 2040 to factory default settings? I though I knew, but everything I tried isn't working.
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You have to hold in the power button while pressing in reset then plub back in while still holding reset. Then log into (go to) GUI and accept the reset.

I will find u a guide. Its tricky to get down and takes a couple tries. the part that throws me off is going to the GUI to say OK YES I WANNA RESET.

How do I access the SafeMode menu?
When the device is running, you can access the SafeMode menu from the ‘System > Settings’ menu (it will be
under the ‘Firmware Management’ section). In emergency situations, you can also access the SafeMode menu by
holding in the Reset button on the front panel of the 2040 (it’s the small pinhole button between the Console port
and the LAN interface) for 12-14 seconds until the ‘Test’ light begins flashing red. If you have a Console session
open, you will see the following dialog:
SonicROM Booting.............................
Initializing Firmware loader
SafeMode Switch Pressed
Initializing SafeMode
Starting SafeMode WebServer on
Also Starting SafeMode WebServer on (your LAN IP here)
Your SonicWALL is now running in SafeMode.
Connect to the SafeMode WebServer on
- Upload and download firmware images and system settings.
- Boot to your choice of firmware and settings.
- Manage system backups.
- Easily return your SonicWALL to a previous system state.
When the SonicWALL is booted into the SafeMode menu, connect a workstation to the LAN interface of the 2040
and access the special SafeMode GUI using the default IP address of, or the device’s previously
saved LAN interface IP address. You will be able to boot the device using a previously saved image, boot the
device from a known-good ‘Factory Default Image’, or you can upload a new version of firmware with the ‘Upload
New Firmware’ button.

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Sorry, should has put in here that I have no access to the device.  It was configured before I started here and I don't have any clue what the IP address, username or password is to get into it.


Oh and all I have is a reset button and an on/off switch.

Right thats the point. To get the IP I assume this is the gateway so go to a workstation or server and type.
in a command prompt and the default gateway will be the Sonicwall likely.
To confirm this open a browser and go to https:// IP YOU JUST FOUND
with or without the https, so maybe just http

Make sure you get a log in prompt for the Sonicwall. When you do the reset you do NOT need to know the username or password.


I am getting a 169 IP address which isn't letting me log into it with the default username and password.


I am plugged into what is supposed to be the LAN port on the device with an ethernet cable that is plugged directly into my laptop.  I am showing that I have a connection to it, but when I do an ipconfig /all all I am getting is  When I try to browse to that IP, I get a username and password prompt.  No matter what I enter (have to enter something otherwise the "OK" button is greyed out) it just goes to a "Page cannot be displayed".

169 means your not connected to anything.

Check your network connection or try another computer

Ah that means the Sonicwall is NOT handing out DHCP.
Is there a server there? That may be doing the DHCP.

Try from a workstation on the network since they will have static address already set if the whole network is static.
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If you did the reset correctly, you need to connect to the sonicwall at

The sonicwall will not assign a DHCP address.  You need to manually set your IP to something in the network.

Let me know if that works.

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