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I would like to virtualise a physical windows 2003 standard server which is currently attached to a CX300 clariion SAN and has powerpath installed. We intend to virtualise it and the storage the new VM environment is on a CX4-240 clariion SAN so powerpath will no longer be needed. My question is, what are the steps to do this. Do you run through the vmconverter and then uninstall powerpath once you are across to the new VM environment. Do you need to rescan the disks to pick up the new storage?
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What you can do is use the Standalone Converter tool by VMware, or the Converter within vSphere (Import) to convert your phys box. What I recommend is to only convert the system volume (C:). For your data drives that are connected to the SAN...once the conversion is complete and verified working ok (install VMware Tools, as well), disconnect the LUNs from the physical box and assign those LUNs to your ESX host. Then, simply add hard disks to your VM (right-click on VM -> Edit Settings, Add button and select Hard Disk). But, the type of hard disk I would add is RDM. Your data is intact and no formatting, etc. is needed. If you wanna have your data on the new SAN, create the LUNs on your new SAN and also add them to your newly P2V'd VM as RDM. Then all you need to do to move your data from CX300 to CX4-120 is a Storage VMotion (sVMotion). I have REAL RECENT experience with this as I just migrated from a CX300 myself to a CX4-120. :)



Followed this procedure and it worked perfectly. Thank you

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