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Just trying to see if anyone has recommendations for splitting users between databases.

In earlier versions there was single instance storage, so what I had done was place users into groups or business units and put them into a database.
Also that meant keeping Admins Assistants with their Executives.  Is that still a good idea.  I think that was done for calendar / free busy ?

Does anyone follow or has anyone see any rules to follow for splitting users?
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SIS has lost its importance .. hwever i would still plan to keep manager/ assistant on same database.
and you can off course split users based on their regulatory settings (if  you have) or to enforce storage limits on database lmits
Size limits, Offline Address Books are the main things I would think of as having on common
Its all your choice where and how to make database . normally VIP users mailboxes should be kept in a separate database reason being  at the time of recovery it will be faster.
rest of all you may have as per your department or site or unit wise.

Thank you for your answers

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