Deleting A Row from a DataTable based on ID column

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Hi All,

I have a DataTable stored within a Session variable like so..

        DataTable myDt = new DataTable();
        myDt = createTempDatesTable();
        Session["TempDataTable"] = myDt;

The DataTable has a column called 'ID' which stored string values.

Please could anyone show me how to delete a row from my DataTable based on a value within the ID column.?
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If ID column is the primary column, then you can use like:

DataRow foundRow = myDt.Rows.Find("idValue");
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D columns in not primary key, then you can use like:

string id = "123";
DataRow[] foundRows = myDt.Select(string.Format("ID Like '{0}%'", id));
foreach(DataRow row in foundRows) // if there is only one for the id, then foundRows will have one row only


Excellent, thanks

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