PS2/USB Keyboard Not Working In Bios

DarylEPC used Ask the Experts™
Replace Power Supply because computer was not booting.
Now Computer is booting but doesn't go pass bios screen and no ps2/usb keyboard is working in the bios.
Change RAM, Change CMOS battery,  Remove HD/DVD-ROM Cables and still no luck in getting both keyboards to work.

Do any one have any suggestions?
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change motherboard
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 Support
Hello DarylEPC,

I am a little confused with your comment that your system is 'booting', do you really mean  that the unit is powering up or is it really booting an OS?

It sounds like you can get to the part where you can select 'entering SETUP', but the keyboard does not work to allow you to select this - Is this correct?

First, I would stick with using the PS/2 keyboard as it is a legecy device and ALL Mother Boards will have the ablity to use it as a default.

Second, TBK may be correct in that your Motherboard is now toast, but before replacing the Motherboard, I would suggest the following:

  1. Peform a visual inspection of the Motherboard (MoBo) to make sure that all power cables are connected in the their correct locations and that they are properly seated <--- A VERY important step.

  2. Double check that you have the correct Power Supply for your system.  Not all Power Supplies are created equal and some must be matched to the version/model of CPU that you are using.

  3. Remove any hardware that is not necessary, in other words break the system down to a bare bones configuration and be sure to remove any power connectors from the hardware that you are removing:
   . Minimum Memory configuration (One DIMM if possible)
   . Remove all IO cards including NICs and AGP if installed.
   . Disconnect the Secondary IDE Devices and their power source (I.e. CD/DVD ROM Reader)
   . Install the monitor into the old VGA connector
   . Remove the HDDs and power source

   Use this configuration to see if you can get into SETUP with keyboard control.

  4. With your minimum hardware configuration, make sure that all of the Power Cables are installed in their correct locations and are properly seated <--- VERY important.

  5. Download and create a bootable DOS Floppy (If your system has a Floppy Unit).  Here is a good site where you can download an image of DOS:
Using a DOS OS will give you a very minimum OS, but will test most of your hardware.

If you still see the same symptom, then it is time to replace the 'MoBo' (A term that our EE group is using).

Possible corner cases are:
  1. Loose hardware under the MoBo
  2. Poor AC power or Ground
  3. Sun spots.. Oops, sorry
  4. That your New Power Supply is bad

This is a lot and maybe replacing the MotherBoard would be quicker - Your call.


Top Expert 2013
if a ps/2 nor a usb keyboartd works in the bios, and everything is decoupled, i also suspect a bad mobo; probably the keyboard controller is bad, or another part is locking up the system.
it "can" be the cpu -  you can test with another one if you have a compatible one around


Tested another processor and another suggestions still no luck. I just going to change the motherboard and use that same parts. thanks for suggestions.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 Support


Good luck and thank you...

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