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Hi all
I have an SBS server 2003 with exchange 2003

I have a user that wants to forward his mail to Gmail

I have set up a contact and set up his user account to forward mail to the contact
 Also marked the Tick box to deliver mail to the contact  and the user mailbox

I done the following as outlined here 
1.      Start the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.
2.      Expand the server, and then right-click Users.
3.      Click New, and then click Contact.
4.      Type a name.
5.      Click Modify, click SMTP, and then click OK to create the custom SMTP mail address.
6.      Type the SMTP e-mail address, click OK, click Next, and then click Finish.
Then I done the following
1.      Start the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.
2.      Right-click the mail-enabled user, and then click Properties.
3.      Click the Exchange General tab.
4.      Click Delivery Options.
5.      In the Forwarding Address section, click Forward to, and then click Modify.
6.      Click the mail-enabled user or the mail-enabled contact. Then, click OK.

Note If you want e-mail to be delivered to the original mailbox as well as the forwarding address, select the Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox check box.
7.      To close Delivery Options and to close Properties, click OK two times.
Now the user receives some mail to his Gmail account and some mail to his user account

Have I done something wrong
I need to have all mail sent to both mailbox and Gmail

Thanks for any help

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Its because its going to both and if he checks it in his Exchange mailbox its not going to the other.

I would just have him create a rule in his outlook instead and forward all mail to his addres
If you followed those steps, it should be fine. Have you been told by the user that some are going to his gmail and some to his exchange, or have you seen it with your own eyes?
Also how is he connecting via his outlook? Is it outlook in the office? If anything his gmail should be getting all of the forwards.

Does he have more than one email address setup for exchange?
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hi dazman786
I have followed the steps to the letter as I have done many times before
never had this happen before
I have seen this issue  with your own eyes
Have him chack the Spam folder in GMAIL.
jfletchsterIT Manager
2 Things to check;
1) That you have auto forward enabled in exchange; Open Exchange System Manager, Expand Global Settings > Internet Message Formats > Right Click 'Default' > Properties > Select 'Allow Automatic Forwards'
2) Make sure you arnt using a Smart Host for your SMTP Connector. This can cause problems with a Auto Forwarder. Use DNS Routing Instead.


hi all
I have many accounts on this server using contacts to forward mail to Gmail
none of them have any issues

he seems to receive more mail to Gmail and only the odd one to outlook

he only has one email account in exchange and the new contact I have just set up last week

thanks again for all your help
Does his outlook have a filter on? If you have made sure that the option to copy mail to both mailbox and forward address, then it SHOULD be copying to at least the mailbox.
jfletchsterIT Manager

Ok thanks for the extra info. I would check then that he hasnt created any silly outlook rules that might be breaking the system. Or the outlook junk mail filter might be junking some emails that gmail doesnt

Key thing ofc is that every email that arrives in outlook arrives in gmail, test one from internal and one from an external account. If thats the case then all is working fine.
you can Track two of his mails which he says that a mail goes to gmail or one which goes to exchange.
I dont think there some thing should be wrong.


hi all

I deleted the contact and created a new one
set up a new forward and now all seems to work ok

thanks for all your help

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