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I have an urgent problem.
I was migrating from SBS 2008 to new SBS 2008 box. When I was trying to uninstall Exchange 2007 I found out that there were some remains from previous SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 migration.
I was not able to uninstall Exchange 2007 from old server before those remains would have been took off. So I found an article to remove those using ADSIEdit. I did, but I removed accidently something too much. AD is not working anymore and both Exchange servers are offline.

I have tried to find out how to restore AD using Volume Shadow copies.

I started DC in restore mode and copied ntds folder files over the corrupted one.
After that the DC won't boot anymore.

Does anyone have a solution how to fix this.

Juha Kalliola
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I did some research for you. The following article looks promising.
Remove all the logs and then reboot.

Or check this.


Thanks for your help. I found these also last night I was trying to repair it. But no success.

I managed to get AD working in the new server (where I was migrating to).
Now I have only one problem: there is some important lines missing in AD that Exchange 2007 needs and it won't start.

It says that there is no server in AD for Exchange.

Now I have to find solution for that.
If you have backups, you can try running domainprep / forest prep. I think you AD was "broken" when you un-installed exchange. Since AD gets modified when you install Exchange. If you have ad backups, you could try restoring AD via ntdsutil.


Thanks all for your help.

I opened ms support case for this and we found out that since there was no backups (except vss), there was nothing to do. There was critical information missing from ad and it could not be recovered.

I installed whole box again.
If you have access to another server/workstation. Have a look if you have your exchange databases. If you have, you might be able to do an Exchange DR and at least not lose the mail.
I opened a case with MS for this. Even they could not help. It seems that even if you have Shadow copies of the whole volume, you can't restore AD from it. Their advice was to reinstall the server to get it function properly. DId that.

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