How to modify the File/Save Results As menu setting so that the resulting file contains the column headers?

Beverly Penney
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Hi There,

I wanted to know if it was possible to somehow modify the settings for the  "File/Save Results As"  menu so that the resulting csv includes the column headers? I know you can do it by just selecting all  then "Copy with headers" but was interested to know if it could be done the other way as well?

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Tools - Options - Query Results - Sql Server - Results to Grid - Include column headers when copying or saving results.

In SQL 2008:


Hi om_prakash_p ,

I already had the option checked in the Tools menu (the first link you included) but still when I go
File/Save Results As ( I save it as a csv) it isn't including the headers, is there anything else I should check?

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>>is there anything else I should check?<<
Unfortunately, there is no option to set the column headers when the output is set to file.  You will have to find some other way of doing it.

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