BlackBerry Enterprise Server SRP Status unknown and not syncronizing

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I just recenty updated my Blackberry Enterprise Server to sp 7 (version, after the update, I had no sync, and I have no clue what is the problem....
The SRP status is Unknown..... and also I noted that before I had lots of BlackBerry services running and now I only have one service running, but I think this is normal....

What can it be???
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Use the help guide and resync the phone at the server using a USB cable.
This should get it to repush the key to the phone.

Basically you need to remove and re-add the users. Sometimes this is troublesome and the settings wont push properly over the air so its easier to do with a USB at the server.

Its been a few years since I messed with Blackberry server but I remember it was a nightmare and their tech support was useless


I´ll do that.....
And about the SRP - Unknown???,,

The problem was fixed, I installed the newest update mr3 and after rebooting it all just went back to normal, the SRP status changed to Connected and the Sync proccess was perfect.

Thank you anyway!
My best Regards,

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