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XPS M1530 not booting

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I have a dell XPS M150 laptop.  Recently the computer just stopped displaying anything.  When I press power I could see the power light turn on. Then I could hear the fan blow and the CD player spin.  Thats it.  None of the usual gindng noises and  I can not see anything on the screen.  So I figured it was the motherboard.  We installed new motherboard and I still have the same issue.  I tried plugging in an external monitor as well.  However I can not see anything on the machine.  Any ideas?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
Most Valuable Expert 2015
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Usually when things like this happen it is usually the motherboard or Power Supply Unit. Have you tried to replace this? Also, are you able to get anything on the screen, boot into BIOS? Have you tried to replace the RAM in this machine? Tried to remove the battery and plug directly into AC outlet?
Is it the same cpu or a new one?  Power up, fan, cd spin... next it line would be BIOS looking for a drive so this indicates a bad cpu or bad RAM


I have tried a new motherbaord and a different power cord.  I cn not see anything on the screen to be able to get into the BIOS.  I have not tried replacing the ram.  I will try that, as for the CPU its the extact same one.  I did not change it out.


ok, i never thought about the RAM.  That is the ticket.  That was what was wrong.