Colors in the Legend does not match with Bar Graph in SSRS 2005 issue

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I have a bar graph with custom colors applied to it.
The custom colors displays nicely in the bar graph, but not in the legend.

The legend displays a mix of some of the "correct" custom colors, and some of the "wrong" standard colors. The colors in the legend vary, depending on the parameters passed to the report. Sometimes legend colors are all right, other times all wrong but must times a mix of right and wrongs.

The value for the custom color of the graph is retrieved from a field in the dataset. However I doubt that this is the cause of the error because, the bar graph colors are correct at all times, and I have validated thet correct color names are actually in the dataset.

Hope someone can help me out with this one...
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Custom colors sound nice, but I would stick to the standard color for the report side.
especially when printing the report. The only other thing I would check is to test the color Hex number in to verify that is the color you want. The other problem is sometimes the web browser does a bad job of converting colors.
Thanks for the Reply.

I solved this problem myself.

I designed Legend in Paint and importing this as a Image in Report.

I have also had this issue, but found that it was due to at least one series value not being included in my expression and/or when at least one series was missing from the first column.

For example, I want to show the number of products by type each month. Product types are SCD, ECD and DCD. When the first month only included 1 or 2 of the types (let's say SCD and ECD only), the legend colors would not match 100%. If a product was entered somehow without its type, (for example, January has 2 SCD products, 1 ECD product, 15 DCD products and 1 NULL) then the legend colors again would not match and the legend would expand to show 4 categories (an extra category for the NULL value).

I am also having to create a manual legend to work around this. Thanks for the idea to do this in paint and import the image!

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