How can I connect a 2.5" Hard Drive to a Compact Flash Interface?

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Hi all,

I have a PC104 board that has a Compact Flash interface.
How can I connect a 2.5 / 3.5" hard drive to this interface?
There are loads of adapters going the other way!
Any ideas?


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I used this board before few years in university, but I didn't get the point of connecting the harddrive to it? why do you need it? if you need it for mass storage, then check this website


I already have a PC104 SBC and would like a method of adding more storage to it. It works with a USB-IDE interface but is sooooooo slow!
As this is a personal project, I was really looking for a much cheaper solution though!
I know there are some really cheap converters that go the other way, but nothing really that does what I am after - there is mention of one from Advantech for around $40 but no other alternatives (I am in the Uk)
what about using an external ethernet mass storage device?
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Effectively that is what I am trying to do, but integrate it into a single unit with the SBC as the controller.
Looking at the interfaces it looks like the two *should* be interchangable but noone seems to do an adapter to go the way I am trying to go!
Usually the problem is convert IDE to CF, not the inverse!
In facts, I can't see any product like that one you need.
In theory, the pinout of the CF card is the same as that of IDE drive, so it's only matter of swapping contacts...
Other solution: USB. You have nothing else, I think.


I know that Advantech used to do a "CF-HDD-ADP" but it is impossible to get hold of now!
I'm trying to find the pin-pin schematic for the interface but no luck so far...
Looks like usb may be the only way to go :-(

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