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Backup Exec 2010 job doesn't append just uses next free tape

jpletcher1 used Ask the Experts™
I have several backup jobs that run over each weekend and two tapes are enough for all the data.  However, my first job runs and backs up to tape 1, then when the second job runs, rather than appending to tape 1 (which has more than enough room), it pulls tape 2 and backs up to it.  Then the next job backs up to tape 2, and the last couple jobs then go back and append to tape 1.  I'm not sure why it's using the tapes in this manner, and sometimes it asks for a third tape when tape 2 is full and tape 1 is far from empty.

Also, if I have a job that is say 200GB total, and my tape has only 150GB of space left, but with compression the 200GB job always backs up to less than than 100GB, will BE still refuse to run the backup to the tape since theoretically it only has 150GB free on the tape?
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I will give a quick example laid out:

3 tapes in library, all erased.  Tapes are 400GB native.

Job 1 runs and uses 57GB (compressed) on tape 1
Job 2 runs and uses tape 2
Job 3 runs and uses tape 2 for 2 of the three parts of the job and then uses tape 3 for the last third
Job 4 runs and appends to tape 1
Job 5 runs and appends to tape 1

Job 1 is set to overwrite.  All other jobs are set to append, then overwrite if none are appendable.

I am confused why Job 2 does not append, and then Job 4 and 5 do append to the tape that Job 2 wouldn't.
Hi mate,
Try out this:
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For the Daily media set's APP, you should select Infinite - Allow append.  An APP of 0 hours means that the tape cannot be appended.

For the Weekly media set's APP, you should set it to 0 hours so that they cannot ever be appended.

For your weekly job, you should set it to Overwrite since you do not want it to append to the tape.  Otherwise, it will append to whatever tape that you have in the Weekly media set.
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For more info read here:

Good luck!

It appears your jobs may be targeting different media sets and this is why your jobs are targeted to different tapes.

Could you please check if Job 1 & Job 2 are targeting the same media set?

Appends are managed by the rules laid on the media set. You would therefore want to target all your jobs to the same media set. On this media set the Append period should be at least the number of hours taken for all your jobs to run.

Hope this explains it.


Danny - I do want the jobs to append to the tapes, so setting the append period to 0 would mean I'd have to have a seperate tape for each job I believe.  Or do I have that wrong?

Vincedee - The jobs are all set to use the same media set.  I have the media set so that it allows appends for three days (that's how long the backups run over a weekend) and then overwrite protected for a couple weeks.
You got that right. Setting Append to 0 means tapes will never be appended to and the next consecutive job targeting the same media set will use a different suitable tape.

In your Job 'Destination/Device & Media' properties please verify that 'Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available' is set for all the jobs in question.


Some of the jobs were set to append and then fail if nothing was appendable and some were set to append and then overwrite if nothing was appendable.  I changed them all to append and then overwrite if nothing was appendable.  I don't know that this will fix the issue though as all the backups were running and not failing.  

Good Luck! This just might fix the issue :)


I will check back after the weekend and post what I find.  Thanks!