Why is Kaspersky internet security 2010 blocking www.apple.com

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Dear Experts

I cannot get into www.apple.com without turning Kaspersky internet securtity off. It happens in firefox, i.e and google chrome. The same seems to happen on the other compter in the house which also runs Kaspersky.

I have found other posts on blog spots on teh net that allude to thsi problem, but have not found a solution!

Many thanks
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Have you tried doing the following?

In Kaspersky go to (You will need to be logged in as an administrator):
Settings > Web Anti-Virus > Settings > Additional > Settings > Kaspersky URL Advisor > Exclusions
Click Add and put in http://www.apple.com/*

I forgot to add the you will need to click Apply.

You also may need to close all web browsers and clear your browser cache before it may work.
Two possibilities for a fix:
Log in as Administrator and apply :
Settings > Web Anti-Virus > Settings > Additional > Settings > Kaspersky URL Advisor > Exclusions
enter apple.com

It is also possible that temp files are causing a problem.  Some people report that running a disk cleaner to wipe out temp files solves the problem.
Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup.
* Downloaded Program Files
* Temporary Internet Files
* Recycle Bin
* Temporary Files
and run

I have the same issue. I cannot access apple.com via my proxy. I think i know why this happens in my envirnment. You too give it a try.
Install an application called HTTPWatch, free version. Record the session while accessing apple.com. What i observed is that while accessing the site the site tries to access a page http://:/ which seems to be an invalid GET for a URL. If I bypass the proxy all works fine, but with a small delay.
See the attached digram.
U can try and exclude the apple url from being scanned in any way by Kaspersky



Thanks very much netf worked first time!

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