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How to forcefully apply the Group policy to all the computers in  SBS 2008 environment ?

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 1) How often are the group policies applied to all the client computers in SBS 2008 network ?
     All network computers are Windows XP

2)  Is there a setting which will define the interval time ? if YES where is it ?

3)  Can we force to apply the GP updates to all the network computers from the server itself ?
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Answers -

1 - Group Policy is applied when the client computers are turned on or power Cycled
2 - There is no setting to determine when Group Policy is updated, however, there is a command line program that will allow you to force a Group Policy Update, it's "gpupdate /force."
3 - You can do this with a utility called psexec, located here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx
If you want to run gpupdate/force on each computer on your network after downloading psexec, the command is below :
psexec \\* runas /noprofile /user:administrator gpupdate/force

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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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I should mention that running that command should prompt you for the administrator's password. You may need to use /user:domain\administrator in place of just /user:administrator
A typical GPO push can take up to 4 hours without any intervention. You can do a gpupdate /force to update the policies on the server and force them throught the domain. I do not believe there is anywhere you can make a change to speed this up outside of the gpupdate /force command. Also, on some settings, such as folder redirection, it can take up to 3 logons for it to apply. Running the gpupdate /force will take that count down by 1.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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Also add the /boot option after gpupdate/force if you want the computers that require rebooting to successfully apply the GPO to reboot without prompting. This is usually necessary if you are deploying software with a GPO.
1. Everything under the USER CONFIGURATION node is applied upon logging in and everything under the COMPUTER CONFIGURATION node is applied at the time of computer startup/power on (in other words, prior to being able to press ctrl alt del).
2. There is no setting where we can define time inerval.
3. Use gpupdate /force to apply the GP updates to all the network computers.

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You might also want to download this free set of tools that includes a GPupdate tool that can force an update on single or multiple computers: