How do I create a site similar to TinyURL using Apache ?

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I want users to visit my site, provide a LONG URL and my site should convert it to a short URL. How do I accomplish it using Apache?
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You will need a database.  Users will enter the long url which the database will store along with a 2nd field which is a randomly generated short text.  When users click on the short link they are directed briefly to your site, the database runs quick lookup and then redirects to the actual site.

I haven't used this script myself but does exactly what you are seeking:


To webjinks:

It seems the project has been out-of-sync for a while. I thought there is no need for MySQL as all of this could be done through Mod-ReWrite. Any comments?
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I must admit that I simply read the description and sent link.
You will need a database because you need to store records of the long and short URL.
Technically it's not the only option short of writing each apache rule for each URL or using a text file but do not recommend anything else except for database because of ease, security and speed.

Here are 7 free scripts that look very promising.

This one was updated yesterday:
Budi SantosoIT Infrastructure Manager

The easiest one is creating script to create folder with short name input contained with index.html that redirecting to long url.
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