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   Any body has examples, or know any links that discuss about nested repeater that can hiden and shown at the click of an event for example a linkbutton on parent repeater?  I am looking for examples especially in VB.NET.  I have searched for quite some time but have not found one that includes all what I am looking for: the expandable feature and in VB.NET.

Thank you.
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try this:

<% int Counter = 0; %>
<asp:Repeater ID="BaseRepeater" runat="server">
    <% Counter = Counter + 1; %>
    <a href='javascript:openclose(<%= Counter %>);'>Open/Close</a>
    <div id='Panel_<%= Counter %>'>
      <asp:Repeater ID="NestedRepeater" runat="server" DataSource='<%# Nested Data Source %>'>
var counter= 0;
function openclose(i)
  var panel= document.getElementById('Panel_'+ i);
  panel.style.display= (panel.style.display== 'none'? 'block': 'none');

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