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How do I print using only black ink with HP 6400?

Sunshine4 used Ask the Experts™
I have color ink but I want to print black and white image using only black ink.  How do I set up HP 6400 to do this?
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Go to go control panel then printers. Right click on your printer and go to printer preferences. Under color choose black and white or grayscale.
1.On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon ( ), and then click Devices and printers .
1.Right-click the printer icon ( ) for your product, and then click Printing preferences .
1.Select your new default print settings, and then click OK .
Note that some printers will still use some colour when you select greyscale. The reason is that, by using colour as well as black, the printer can print more shades of grey.
There are actually two places in the print queue you need to amke the change. You need to amke the change in printer defaults (right click > properteies > advanced tab > printing defaults > color tab > change from automatic or color to black and white) and in printer preferences (right click > properties . print preferences > color tab and change from automatic or color to black and white). The difference between print preferences and print defaults is, printing defaults is supposed to be the "default" setting and preferences is supposed to be "per job". However, I have had numerous occassions where I have changed the printer defaults but the change did not take effect in the preferences and the job still came out in color. If you make this change on a server queue, it should also push out to the client.