How to fix assignment of 'ptr to const' to 'ptr' compile error?

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typedef struct
    SRV_Ntrfc_t          const  *ntrfc;
} SRV_Cnfg_t;

MGR_MR_E   srv_main(  MGR_MC_E    cmd,
                                       MGR_Work_t  *cmw,
                                       MGR_Cnfg_t  *cmc,
                                       MGR_Srv_t   *srv ) {

    Work_t   *wp     = srv->work;
    SRV_Cnfg_t   *cp     = srv->cnfg;
    SRV_Ntrfc_t  *ntrfc  = cp->ntrfc

Above code was compiled with WindRiver diab 4.2b 'C' compiler without errors.  Compiling this program with WindRiver diab 'C' compiler produces the following error:

trying to assign 'ptr to const' to 'ptr'

How to fix this error without changing software functionality?  Maybe some kind of typecast may do it.
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You can use const_cast<type>(), e.g.

ntrfc = const_cast<SRV_Ntrfc_t *>(cp->ntrfc);
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A const_cast should really only be a last resort (when there's no other way), because it's an ugly construct. Since you have control over the source code, you don't need a const_cast.

Just add a const here :

        const SRV_Ntrfc_t  *ntrfc  = cp->ntrfc;

or remove the const here :

        typedef struct
            SRV_Ntrfc_t            *ntrfc;
        } SRV_Cnfg_t;

depending on which makes more sense.

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