Developing for W2K3 - Missing MSCVP100.DLL & MSVCR100.DLL

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I'm using Visual Studio 2010 C++ to develop a small DLL that will run on Windows 2003 (and 2008) servers. The DLL I created works fine on the same desktop I'm developing on but it is missing the MSCVP100.DLL and MSVCR100.DLL files (only has MSCV*71.DLL's).

In order to get the DLLs to run should I copy the MSVC*100 DLLs over to my target platform? Or should I set a compile flag to make it use MSCV*71 (if so how)? What's the the recommended approach to get a DLL compiled in VC 2010 to run on Windows Server 2003/2008?

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The recommended way would be to install the VC++ 2010 redistributable package from ("Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)"). You are free to include that in your setup routine by MS legal terms.


Precisely what I needed to know. Thanks!

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