32 inch TV vs 27 inch LCD

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I work quite a book on computers..primarily surfing, spreadsheets, word documents, etc..I want to get a 27 inch LCD monitor, but I noticed a 32 inch TV is only 100 more...does it make sense to buy the TV and use it as a monitor or is that overkill for the extra few inches......
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Save your money, get the monitor. TVs are not the same. They have lower resolution and 32" is too big anyway unless you have really bad eyes.
Hey PDO1

For the difference in size the 27" is the better option for the activities that you mentioned you would use it for.  A monitor has a higher resolution and refresh rate letting you work more hours before your eyes would get strained than on a TV.  The higher resolution would allow you to place more on the desktop and view a bigger 'surface' area when working on word and spreadsheet documents.

The TV is only better if viewing video from a further distance.

Also you could pick up a digital USB tuner for your Monitor allowing you to view TV on it anyway, with the added benefit that you could record your favorite TV shows to your PC's hard disk.  In my experience I have previously found Pinnacle tuners to be quite good, as an example.  http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Home/


Excellent I am going with the 27 inch...

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