How can I make Quickbooks  company file smaller?

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I have a company file that has a few years of data in it and has grown to about 150MB. What can I do to shrink it?
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You'll want to consider this or something similar:

typically you need to delete clients/suppliers/products that you no longer use.
make sure you are rolling over for each end of year.
If you put quotes in the system then these should be regularly removed also
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There are multiple ways to make your file smaller. Before you do anything to make changes however, MAKE A BACKUP of your file.

The first thing I would suggest is simple, sounds weird, but usually works. Make a backup of your company file and restore it. From the restored copy, make a portable copy and restore that. This copy should be smaller than you started with.

Do not use the Company Clean up tool in product to make your file smaller. (Even when they called it Archive and Condense that's not what it was for.)

You can do some things yourself, like delete non used list names/items or merge things together. (If you EVER used an name/item, regardless of when, you can NOT delete it.)

You can use tools like the ones at to create a new file with some of your current data. (Be careful if you're on a cash basis, read all his steps.)

You can use any number of companies to do it for you. (If you have payroll make sure you understand what you will get back. I only know of one company that keeps it intact in your file and thats mine, although they all use some kind of work around.)

Of course, I have to ask, why do you want to make it smaller? There is no true file size limit in QB. If you are experiencing slow downs that have been getting worse with the size of your file then archiving may be the best route, but there are other things to look at as well such as network set up, speed and size.


Thanks to everyone that responded

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