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I have a client database that I need to send out a marketing campaign to. I also have a list of email addresses that I DO NOT want to send the campaign to, so I need to purge these from the master list.

So I have two tables set up:

1: The master client database including name, customer number, email address
2: A list of the clients emails that WILL NOT be getting the marketing mail.

I want to just do a simple query to find ALL the records in the master file, that ALSO match up with one of the email addresses in the second table. After I get the results I'll just highlight them and hit the delete key.

Can somebody please help me with this query? Thanks.

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SELECT * FROM mastertablename WHERE email IN (SELECT email FROM secondtablename)

But usually that type of SQL statement times out in MS Access. It is a very expensive query type.


My gosh, your query worked like a dream. Thanks loads. What a fast response too. Are you sure I can't award more than 500 points?

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