Ho to do fast log routine in x86 Assembler

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I am working with some audio dsp code that is using floating point numbers, ranging from 1.0e-8 to 1000.  I want to convert this value to a dB value, which will be an integer value from -160 to 60.  The usual formula is:

   result = log10(value) * 20

I currently do this with some code that looks like this:

    fld value.single
     fld x6.single
     fstp result

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where x6 = a constant value of 6.  This works, but it seems that the fyl2x instruction eats up a ton of cycles.  I've got to do this a LOT in the code, and it needs to be very fast.  I'm not opposed to large lookup tables, if that's what it takes.

How can I improve on this?  The result only needs to be integer values - no fractional amounts are needed.  Code will be run on Pentium 4 and higher CPUs only.

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how about binary search through a list of powers of 10


Ozo: can you give me an example of what you mean?
Never mind, I figured out a way myself! :-)  For the archives:

Took the exponent, multiplied it by a value, then implemented a lookup table based on a number of bits of the rest of it.  Got me in the ballpark, which is all I needed.

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