Terminal Services, Internet Explorer Cookie problems i think

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Hello Everyone

I have a Window 2008 server.  Is used for Terminal Services.  

UAC is off.

When the users go to web sites you need to log into, the first person in is fine.  But everyone else can;t login.  

I'm guessing a cookie problem.  

I really don't know what to do.  Any idea ?

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the cookies should be stored under the profile for each user.
Are the users logging in as different usernames?


i love Terminal Services, i really love the ones i didn't setup.

I have found with this cookie problem.  (i'm still only assuming it's a cookie problem)

When i give the user admin permissions to the TS box.  Login and goto the web page everything works as it should.

If i remove the admin permissions it still seems to work.

If i delete his profile and start again.  The web page doesn't work again.  until admin permissions  is reassigned

any idea?

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