need help with Reallusion iClone 4

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Is there anyone out there who is familiar with iClone 4 (from reallusion)?  The training materials and tutorials provided by Reallusion are terrible unless you are already familiar with the program.

I am looking for any kind of free or fee-based material.  

Thank you.

Dick Barrett-Marugg
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Hi Gary,
No, I haven't seen this site.  I've registered on the site and I'm currently awaiting for a site administrator to approve my registration.  The message I received was that approval (and the ability to login) can take anything from a few minutes to a couple of days.  I will check it out HOWEVER, I have been hoping to find something really basic.  Imagine you have never seen a graphics program before.  You get the program and install it and ... and WHAT?
In spite of the Reallusion tutorials on their site, It took me an hour to find the button to view the tumeline.  I spent 20 minutes or more trying to figure out how to import audio.  It does no good to search the index (help menu).  The things I want to know are so basic (in Reallusion's opinion) that the assumption is made that there is no need to describe how the function is performed.
I was in and out of the [program a half a dozen times before I figured out how to access the "EXIT" command.
I'll lert you know how things work out on the Raggedybird site.



Sorry Gary,

Been there, done that.  (I've watched most of the tutorials from Reallusion wwithout gaining much "how-to" information.  That's why I was hoping to find a 3rd party tutorial or a live instructor.

Apart from being hard to understand, the guy is busy "clicking" on things too quickly to follow when you're not already an accomplished user.
Reallusion should look at the tutorials from Microsoft or Adobe or and learn what a tutorial IS.
I taught myself Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Microsoft Access using just the tutorials.  
I don't think there are any decent iClone tutorials out there.  Certainly nothing from Reallusion fills the training gap.


While the answer failed to solve my problem by itself, it did lead me to discover a tutor that I can work with.

Thank you tbsqadi

Dick Barrett Marugg

Glad to assist!

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