Joomla 1.0.11 with VirtueMart 1.0.7 - to be upgraded to Joomla 1.5 with VirtueMart 1.1.4

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We have a Joomla based website (Joomla v1.0.11 with Virtuemart v1.0.7) that is already available and it needs to be upgraded to Joomla 1.5 (with VirtueMart 1.1.4). We tried the steps mentioned at the URL -
to upgrade, however it fails to upgrade VirtueMart. There seems to be an issue with the ETL plugin and hence results in install errors.

If anyone has done a similar up-gradation, please mention the steps followed.

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We recently upgraded many of our old clients who were running joomla 1.0 to 1.5 and some had stores running the old 1.0 of VM

We found it was best to take a csv dump of the store, and a backup of all the categorys and other data as seperate csv's using csvimproved.

Then we created a new site for them, (upgrading the existing template to the joomla 1.5 syntax) and then installed the latest store for VM on the site.

Once the site looked the same we imported the csv's and any errors we had with the csv's we used excel to fix them and run the csv import again.

It didnt take very long and it meant the site was fully up to date and VM was much better.

You can also take the database dump of users to keep them and import them into your joomla database via phpmyadmin and adjust any changed table names.

Not too hard or time consuming but it means you get everything fresh and all security issues are solved, upgrading can leave old joomla 1.0 stuff on the site which allows access to the new 1.5 system.

In a major upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 i say start fresh rather than try to upgrade it all, some things wont work and are no longer features but most things can be recreated and the bonus of all the extra features you get with Joomla and VM latest versions outweight keeping the old system


I agree, converting old Joomla stuff is a big challenge, especialy if it is not English language.

As Joomla is a lot of time consuming just to always update it, maybe it is the time for you to check other solution like ExpressionEngine
or framework like CodeIgniter
or other more stable web apps like Magento

If your not a programmer you can also use online service x$ per month, some are veryflexiblel.

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