Workstation service slow startup

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Dear All,
             I am facing a strange probelm with some of my clients , we are connected in AD environment , through AD we run the logon script to map network drivers.

the Logon script didnt run for some users at the intial works after logoff and logon.

By investigating I found that the workstation service takes more time to start (It was showing starting) hence the Netlogon service takes much time and the logon script runs normally.

If i waited little on the CTRL+ALT+Delete screen (before entering username and password)...things run normally.

I dont know the reason behind the slow startup for the service and why for selected users can i fix this issue?

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Are these machines running on wirless?  or is the lan card using any utility to manage

try this ridiculous sounding fix. Put Wireless Zero service on auto even though if you're not using wireless.
Not sure what kind of setup you have in your environment.  It could be related to NIC card on the local machines also.  Are all these machines are same model or different one?

Do you have STP enabled on your network, If yes Portfast feature might help you on this situation.

I agree with all experts, its regarding your NIC, if its wireless then solve it by running WZC auto on login, if its cable, then try changing it!


Can you check the event viewer ?

Tushar Kaskhedikar


Thanks for your prompt response .
We are using NIC and cable.
workstations are either Desktop Dell optiplex 620 or Labtop Dell Latitude D620 installed with windows xp sp2.

There was nothing unusual regarding the Event viewer,Is ther any specific event i should find.

I am still need to know what causes this issue on the same day for these users ??

The other computers on your domain which are running fine are they also running on sp2 ?


Yes all of them,it is the standard and there is no change applied to the defected workstations

Do they have any LAN utility s/w installed?


No...just the NIC driver no more
By default, Windows XP does not wait for the network to be fully initialized at startup and logon

Change the HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon!SyncForegroundPolicy Value

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