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Hi all,

I purchased acronis backup and recovery 10 advance and use it with my tape autoloader to perform volume backup.
I have created centralized vault from storage node option/menu which refer to my autoloader
All my backup/archive store in centralized vault.

Backup process works good, but i'm having a problem restoring.
From the volume backup i do every night, i can't restore specific files/folders. If i want to restore specific files/folders, i have to restore the entire volume.
I have spent 3 days with the Acronis technical support, but no luck.
They reckon you can't restore specific files/folders from volume backup if you are using tape..

Is it true? what do i do wrong?
I have read acronis user guide but can;t find anything.

If i want to restore specific files/folders, i have to use "files backup" option instead of "volume/disks" option.

Please help.. am i missing step here? or i'm totally stupid..

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That sounds about right. When you do a volume backup you stream a bit-level copy of the volume to tape, whereas a file backup would copy the inducidual files down. The only way you may be able to restore single files is to mount the backed-up volume onto a server and see if you can access it - is this possible with Acronis?


i can't mount centralized managed vault..very funny as when i read the user guide , i supposed to be able to mount centralized managed vault.

This is mad..what's the adv of volume backup than files backup? is it only for boot up purpose?
Is the volumne you are trying to restore files from, the same volume as that already on the machine you are trying to restore from i.e

\server\volume_d - volume to restore files from, using 'server' to try to mount it?

In this case it wouldnt work as each disk has a GUID assigned to it, and 2 disks witht he same GUID cannot be mounted at the same time. Try to mount a volume backed up form another machine and see if that works, or try to mount this volume on another computer.

You are right though, in that you should be able to mount the vault to restore fomr it.


i will give a try and get back to you..

last night i tried to do files backup using acronis (my files = 600 GB) and it crashed my server big time..



Hi all,

Just received confimation from acronis:

1. they do not support retention rule for tape library

2. Can't restore files from volume backup

as conclusion, i have requested a refund from my supplier as this product is a dead end for me.

Thank you for all the help

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