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I'm currently using a MS 2008 Server as my print server with PaperCut NG installed. Although PaperCut records the jobs printed it does retain the printed documents. Currently there is a dispute over a printed item, the item in question was not saved.  So my question is two fold.

1. Is there a way of recalling the printed document so to end the dispute
2. Is there a way of keeping all printed material over a given period
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There may be some sort of third party utility that will do this, but the server by itself will not. You are wanting something like what spits out when you send a fax and it does not go through, it will print out a small image of what was sent and says it did not go through and windows server 2008 does not do this. The only solutions to what your wanting to achieve as far as keeping a copy of the printed document, would be something such as a FIERY and they are rather expensive and are attahced to your larger, more costly MFP machines.
Commented: has a program that you can use that will intercept print jobs and then clone them to multiple printers - sending a copy to the meatspace device as well as to a .pdf driver for example.

If you are talking about a low-volume solution then by checking the "keep printed documents" under the advanced tab will keep the spool files in perpetuity (until you run out of disk space or delete them) in the print queue.

As for the specific document you wish to recover you might be able to use an undelete utility to find the original spool file but this is highly contingent upon the various configuration options that were in effect at the time.
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