Delegate Calendar to another user without allowing him to open my mail

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Dear experts,

I would like to be able to allow another user to view and create calendar entries in my Calendar, but without allowing him to open my mailbox.

I know currently I can delegate Calendar, To Do, and Contacts to him. But he can still open my mail (although he can't see all the entries, only calendar related entries plus emails he sent or in the to and cc list). I'd very much prefer not to allow him to open my mail at all.

My current Notes version is 8.0. My Domino version is 8.0.2.

Thank you
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Because the calendar is contained in the mail-file he needs some access to the mail-file, that is unavoidable. it seems to me that you have delgated correctly so he can see public documents (meetings etc) plus docs he created. the rest is hidden, I think that is the best you can do.


Thanks LotusDave. Actually, I am not the one asking for it, it's the organization VIP users that are asking for it. Anyway most of them accepted it after finding out that their secretaries could only see calendar items and not the actual emails, although I do hope IBM can make it cleaner than this (like not even opening Inbox).


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