Creating Structured Newsletters from Lotus Notes Emails.

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We have tried creating newsletters from Lotus Notes emails via creating Tables from the LN client and inserting images and text.  

When sending the email out to an internet email the table formating is lost. e.g. table not centered, table resized to fit to window etc....

When sending to internal emails the format remains correct.

Basically, when email is sent to te internet it looses the various formating settings.

Any idea on what settings need to be made on Domino's part?
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What clients (internal/external) are you viewing this email in?

I have a feeling it displays differently in different clients because they all interpret html differently. I would also assume it looks normal to all internal people because everyone internally is using the same client.

If this is the case, there really isn't much you can do except make your email as standards-compliant as possible or design it to look the best in the most popular client if your recipients...
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I agree. HTML handling  inside mail clients is far from standard .

You need to use KISS, and test on all the clients you have.

The fancier it is, the easier it breaks.

I hope this helps !
In the Lotus client, a developer can dictate that the table has an explicit size and cannot change.  Those conditions do not translate to other HTML-reading programs, so tables that looked good in the Notes client will generally auto-expand or contract to fit the page of other clients.  

It's a pain and a mess.  For this type of formatting I also follow the KISS principle.


It did not help me in my end goal.  I need to buid the newsletter in a table structure which will not resize.

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