what is the current market rate of making website ??

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what is the current market rate of making website ??
actually m starting my new business of website designing so can u please tell
me what is the current market rate of making website ?
i have my domain om-infotech.net.
please help me ..
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I haven't done this on my own, but following are the interesting googled results.

let me if you have already seen them and they are not helpful

check this

an interesting link

First you should know good programming skills for performing this task which i am telling you.
You should know php curl by which you will submit variables on this url.

here you insert the amount variable , EUR and  PKR currency amount for converting the amount. this process will done by PHP Curl. and after submiting you will get the values which you can use in your website according your wish. I assume that you can do it easily if you know about PHP Curl.

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