Setting up Apple Mac snow lepard to windows VPN

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I have setup L2tp over IPSec and it works fine with an microsoft client machine. Im not a MAC man, and cant setup the correct solution on the mac machine. IS there a guide or can you please help me?
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Two ways to go about this.  The first method is to use the built-in VPN client:
- Click on the Apple Menu
- Click on System Preferences
- Click on Network
- In the lower left corner click on the "+" symbol
- From the interface menu, select VPN
- Select L2TP over IPSEC
- Give the service a friendly name
- Click on OK
- COnfigure your settings and credentials
- Place a check mark in the box "Show VPN status in menu bar"
- Your are done.

Additional settings can be configured under the advanced option if you want to do things such as split tunnels, static DNS entries,vpn dialing on demand etc.

An alternative option if the OS X built-in VPN client is not stable enough for you s IPSecuritas and it can be downloaded from here

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