Iphone sending and receiving email when connected to the wireless but not when using 3G

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Iphone sending and receiving email when connected to the wireless but not when using 3G..

i am just having problems setting of the office email addresses on Iphones.. ( G-mail yahoo) all work fine...
it is working for one user but he is using another ISP.. therefore i am pointing fingers at the ISP but i am having problems communicating my problem to them.. they seem to only trouble shoot the handheld..
i have tried all the normal solutions like reset to factory defaults, software updates.. and as it works on wireless i know the account settings are correct..
does anyone know if its a problem the ISP or is it something i need to change on exchange? (all pop and imap accounts work to other handhelds(blackberry nokia)

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I think its something regarding your SMTP protocol, you are sending email through some software and not using your webbrowser, to solve this, get the SMTP server from your 3G Provider, and set them on your IPHONE! its as easy as this!


i am using the SMTP and pop settings from our domain mail.domain.com that is how all the blackberrys and other phones are setup ?
for example your email is

the SMTP will be something like smtp.xx.com
and the pop3 will be something like pop3.xx.com

take this case which I am using now on my computer
my email is xxxxxxxxx@go.com.jo
their server settings are

when I was connected to same company as ISP, I faced no problems, but when connected to another company (ZAIN) I could receive all my mails, but can't send any,, the solution was
setting the SMTP to all my emails to
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you probably need to authenticate to the SMTP server to send (when off the WiFi network).   Be sure you have the correct boxes checked to authenticate outbound mail (SMTP) or IMAP


the smtp settings are correct.. i have tried using the IP insted of the mail.domail.com and it is giving me the same issue.. i have tried ssl on and off.. pop or ima both dont work... i have tried different port ie for two smtp i have also tried 2525!! and now the problem is for all Ipads as well as Iphones... im pulling my hair out!!


issue with ISP

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