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I’ve setup SharePoint 2010 on a new server with the databases installed on one of our development SQL Server 2005 servers. I need to move the databases to the live SQL Server. I did a test, using this article, moving the databases to another development database server.

I used the stsadm command to change the database connection and the connection string in the registry for the Config database has changed so the command has run. When I look at the content database it is still referencing the first database server. Is there something else that I need to change?

Thanks in advance.
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Rajendra ShekhawatSolution Architect



Have you performed all the operations in the article of renaming the server etc. Also, restarting the services.
Please recheck the operations given in the article -

Another option could be move just the content database.

Create a fresh Live SharePoint Server with new config database.
Just move the content databases using stsadm deattachdb and attachdb.

Cheers ...


Hi Rajendra,

I've been through the document again, the only thing I've done differently is to stop the services from the management console. This shouldn't matter because that's where you restart them. I had a look at the service snap-in (Central Administration - Manage Services on Server) within SharePoint but not all of the services listed are displayed so I don't see how I could stop them here anyway.



Forgot to add that I can't create new databases as the the DBA won't allow this on the live database server (rightly so). Therefore, I have to create the (non content) databases on the development server so that the DBA can move them to the live server and I then re-connect to them.
Just in case anyone runs across this, I caught up with some people I used to work with who are SharePoint developers and it seems that migrating database between environements is pretty much impossible. The method that Rajendra suggested seems to be the standard approach but this still entails giving SharePoint extensive permissions on a production database server which is not acceptable to our DBA.

We'll use an alias on the web server to redirect SQL tracffic to the production database server and look at installing SharePoint on a seperate SQL Server where it can have the permissions it needs without affecting the rest of the production environment

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