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I operate a very small business and I have just transferred my email and web hosting from Mamut Active 24 to BT (I have no idea whether either of these are any good but read good reviews of BT before switching?).
In trying to set up my email address (my own domain email address - now an alias of my btconnect email address) on my PC with Microsoft Outlook 2010 I am unable to send outgoing messages - the error comes back "relaying denied".

BT have advised me to use as my incoming server and as the outgoing server. I have done so.

I spoke to BT last night who said that as I was not using BT broadband that they could not guarantee that my outgoing emails would be sent. I travel a lot (mainly in Europe) and it seems to me to be rediculous to not be able to guarantee that emails will be sent anywhere other than where BT broadband is being used?

Would appreciate any help/advice. There are secondary email accounts on my domain which are working fine (with MacBooks) but I do not know whether to change back to Active 24 if I cannot send emails with BT or whether it is an initial set up problem or if not Active 24 or BT who is a good email hosting service?

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The question if you can relay e-mails (i.e. send e-mails to other domains than BT's) is depending on the configuration of the mail server. Apparently, they only allow relaying for a certain range of IP addresses. Now, the usual way is, to allow relaying for certain IP address ranges as well as client that authenticate properly.

Are you using a login/password to authenticate to the server? What does BT say about the relaying for authenticated clients?
BT and many other companies are very strict on this. They will not accept your messages if you are not on a BT connection.
Many have tried to convince BT that they are an exception to this rule but have failed. This is mainly as BT are trying to prevent junkmail fro being sent through their system.

I'd give up and move your e-mails elsewhere.


Thank you both for your answers.

Yes, I am using my btconnect email address and password as login details for incoming and outgoing server as instructed. BT have not given me a definitive answer on whether to leave the box "my outgoing server requires authentication" as ticket or unticked. I will try both.

Do you know of any companies that are not so strict on this but are still good on support etc? from this last experience it seems a bit of a lottery.
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If not sorted, you can actually request BT to allow relay against your account. The problem then becomes one of whether they know how to! Have been trying this since May with no luck

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