After Updating Ms Office 2003 to Ms Office 2007 i am not able to run Spell and Grammer Check in a word file?

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After updating the Office 2003 to office 2007, I began getting the following error when opening word 2007: Visual C++ Runtime Assertion Failed in Winword.exe, file .\scoring.cpp, line 133, Expression: ret

I am running Windows XP prof. SP2 with MS Office 2007 and using Word as my email editor. Dorland Medical Dictionary is installed for Ms Office 2003.

Just now, when checking my Word version, I received a simlar error before Word closed itself: "speller.cpp" with "Expression: !FinDebugmem()".

please suggest.
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I would first upgrade Windows XP SP2 to SP3 as soon as possible. On 7/13/10, XP SP2 will become unsupported and not receive any more updates from MSFT.

Also, I would update Office 2007 to SP2, if you haven't already.


Thanks i am updating Service Pack and let you know.

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