Domain Controller very slow

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hi guys

i've got a slight issue with the DC. It's ridiculously slow over the past few days. I've attached the task manager snapshots, but there's nothing I can see which would cause the cpu to be as high as 52%.

Maybe a reboot necessary?
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Markus VordererOwn Company

What roles does the DC alo have?
Your perfomance jpg is scrolled to the bottom. What is the sort order of  the Perfomrane Monitor.
Sort the Monitor by CPU an go to the top or bottom an look at the processes or send another jpg.

Also if you got more then on DC, you can reboot this DC. This will be a solution but not to find the cause of that Problem.

Best Regards

you have to do online scan
if the problem not solved you have to setup another windows server for another computer
and go to CMD ===> DCpromo then make it as  Secondary
wait for replications then make it as primary server and feel free to format this server  

Yes another screen shot of the processes listed by CPU would help.

You could have a look at your logs to see if there are any errors with the service/process that is using all your CPU.

Run DCDIAG's and post the results

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