outlook 2010 randomly deleting sent items

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hi there,

Bit of an odd one, but my Outlook 2010 seems to randomly be deleting my sent items and calendar items from January 2010.

We are using Exchange 2010. There is no consistancy between what is being deleted as they are all on random days.

I've checked my machine for viruses but nothing came up.

Any ideas??

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Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

Can think of two reasons or you can call my two guess :-)

a) May be a policy from your Exchange Admin to delete items from sent folder older then certain time.

b) Have you got any rules in your outlook 2010 ? if you have then do a "Start > Run > outlook /cleanrules" without quotes

to delete the rules you load everytime you start outlook,

This will delete your custom rules if you have any and you would have to re-create them.

Hope that helps
Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

you can also try to configure your outlook profile on another machine or even on the same machine but a new profile to see if this behaviour exists over there too.

Have a good day ahead


There's no policies in effect to delete items.

But it seems to have stopped now. It only happened yesterday and this morning until I raised it on here.

I've checked all of ther above (apart from creating a seperate profile). Any ideas what could have caused it? As I have to go into "Recover deleted items" to get them back as they were deleted from my deleted items.

I have seen and experienced emails dissappearing or not being able to receive new items or sent emails not being saved in sent items only when rules get corrupted.

I normally then start outlook without rules and this has fixed for me.

If you are not the exchange admin, then consult your exchange admin as they might have some sort of policy going on which can cause this, from an archiving rule to a folder policy (MRM).

Also make sure you haven't got outlook open anywhere else.

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