arcserve 11.5 exchange server 2003 public folder restore

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Hi Experts,

please help!!

I urgently need to restore the public folder of our exchange environment. What i have is a recent database level backup of the exchange.

the public folder is located in the first storage group and there is no any user there.

please teach me how to do it.

many many thanks.
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dismount the PF database
right click .. go to properties and check the box this database can be overwritten by ....

then open your back up utility console and chose to restore that particular public folder databse


do i need to dismount the store before restore? i saw on web someone said restore mail store to recovery storage group and public folder to an online public folder

i have set the database can be overwritten by check box.

anything i need to setup for the arcserve exchange agent working properly?

i have done merge of my tape in the arcserve backup manager.


i just tried to restore with both store mounted or dismounted but both failed. Is that because i am trying to restore to a different machine?

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why are you restoring to the different server ?
test restore ?

the legacy exchange Dn should be the same .  if the exchange organization name and administrative group of the server


because i do not want to touch the original server.

i checked with the LegacyDN tool and they are identical.


i got the following error in the restore log

Failed to write to database. (DBNAME=First Storage Group\E:\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\FS1\priv1.edb[Mailbox Store (old-mail-server-name)], EC=new-mail-server-name:Backup Agent Error -- (1364) "Exchange Server Error. HrESERestoreAddDatabase failed. Make sure database exits, dismounted, and can be overwitten. Check Backup Agent Activity Log".)
Failed to receive data from the database agent. (ADDRESS=\\new-mail-server-name, EC=10054)


can anyone help?? i still not able to restore the public folder......


i finally raised a support at ca and what they told me is there is no way to restore public folder to a different exchange 2003 environment

thanks for all your help

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