Share Point to wrong locations with DFS

Louis_Hillebrand used Ask the Experts™
When I connect to the share \\<servername>\Users the contents of \\Domain\Users is shown.

On the server I have a share "Users" which contains all user-profiles.
The URL  \\<servername>\Users\%USERNAME% was used to connect to the profiles.
I recently installed DFS and crated a namespace "Users" and a folder "Profiles" which points to the directory where the userprofiles are located.
On some (not all) client-computers, "My Documents" gives a message that the location "\\<servername>\Users\%USERNAME%\My Documents" does not exist when trying to set the new location for "my documents".
If I go to the "\\<servername>\Users" share, I see the new DFS share \\<domainname>\Users
Any suggestions ?
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Dear Louis,

if your clients are Windows XP, you may want to check out the GPO "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" which is described on the Microsoft article "Description of the Windows XP Professional Fast Logon Optimization feature"

I believe this will help you, especially if you later/after a logon process which has not been able to access the DFS share, can manually reach this on the same Windows XP.

Kind regards,


When creating DFS share points, shares and such you should avoid using names that already appear in the Active Directory.  In your case you are creating a conflict with an existing container in the AD.  If the path was slightly different like \\<domainname>\myshares\users it would work, but since you are referencing \\<domainname>\users it is going to create pathing confusion since as you have discovered \\<domainname>\users already exists in the AD.   I would suggest you change your root DFS to something different and then reference the users share you have created.  

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