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Best disk partition for Exchange 2010 mailbox server

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Hi there.. I have newly installed windows server 2008 Ent dedicated for a new exchange 2010 mailbox role upgrade. The total space I have is about 2 TB after allocation about 150 GB for the OS. My question is ..what is the best disk partition is should go for in order to have better performance, serve and transfer about 600 GB of my old exchange 2003.
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it is recomended that you put you Exchange database in other partition than your os
if you have different disks that would be best

150gb seems very wasteful for your OS.

I would suggest the following: -

RAID 1 - OS (inc exchange program files, backup program, AV etc) 50gb
RAID 1 - LOGS 100gb
RAID 1 - Exchange database - 900gb

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Go for RAID 10 on the Exchange stores, that will give you the best performance. For the OS and Logs I'd go for the above recommendation.
For clarification, RAID 1 is a mirror which requires 2 disks to create the logical unit.  RAID 10 is stripped mirror which uses four or more disks to create the logical unit.

I didn't specify RAID 10 specifically as depending on the RAID controller will depend on how you create a 900gb mirrored logical unit.  For example, on HP E200 RAID cards you would create the 900gb mirrored logical unit as RAID 1 and the card would handle the rest of it.


Appreciate your help
I think it's a good idea to go over on the OS partition, so many server builds underestimate the growth of Windows and in a couple of years you're fighting running out of space on the OS partition.