controlling h/k avr254 and pace rng110(comcast box) from another room

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I've been doing some digging on how I could control my av receiver and comcast box if I put it in a cabinet. I'm a complete n00b at IR stuff and I see some IR ports on the back the equipment and am not sure if I could use those or what the best way would be.....any ideas....has anyone used the IR ports that are on the back like this
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Rather than trying to find the right adapter/port for the back of your gear I would use an extender

any of these devices should work
find one that will  convert the IR signal to RF bounce it around your house and then convert it back to IR to control your receiver.

I use one that is 10 yrs old to bounce my remote control signal from my screen (front of room) to the rear


would those work for ALL IR signals from remotes? My only concern is getting all the IR frequencies through that my two remotes use...

Yes, they work very well with all remotes, all signals etc....I have a Logitech Harmony Remote

It is programmed to run my entire theater.  

I bounce that remote to control about 6 devices which sit at the back of my theater.   I can use any of the stand alone remotes just fine as well, think of the exender as a mirror, it really doesn't care what signal it sees it just bounces it back via RF to the receiving side which converts it back to IR to run your gear.

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