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Configire SuSe Linux for receiving RDP connection

Mostafa_ElSadek used Ask the Experts™
I have SuSe Linux version 9 and I want to remote desktop from a windows machine so I'm asking how I can configure the linux server to accept the rdp and how I can connect to it from my Windows Xp machine.
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Cloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect
Take a look at xRDP: http://xrdp.sourceforge.net/

There is no RPM or package build of this code. It has to be installed from the tarball source it comes in. You also need the PAM headers and OpenSSL headers to compile the code.


About the only alternative to this would be to install VNC Server on the SUSE Linux server then use the VNC Viewer from the Windows XP machine to remotely access it. There is also the NoMachine NX environment as well which has been told to be faster and more responsive than VNC, but its code is also proprietary and closed sourced.
Michael WorshamCloud/Infrastructure Solutions Architect
If you had OpenSUSE verion 11.1, I found this site already as a RPM package available.