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sbs 2008 exchange 2007 public folder contents disappear

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I have an sbs 2008 server with exchange 2007 installed. I recently added a new public folder contacts folder for everyone in the office to see and use - but not edit. I copied the contents of a few contact folders they needed and pasted into the new public folder contacts.

Everyone has access and can view and use the folder no problems.

The issue i have is that from time to time this folder becomes blank with absolutely no entries. The folder is still visible but it shows blank.

I am pretty certain this is a replication issue - i beleive my exchange 2007 public folder is being replicated but as it cannot find the replica folder it does not replicate correctly and wipes the data inside the actual contacts folder.

I have already tried removing the current contacts folder and recreating a new public folder, but the same happens with that.

I have removed replication on the Public folder tool in the exchange mgmt console, however removing this brings up a "This folder cannot be opened because there is a configuration problem on the server". So i cant access the folder at all without the replication setting enabled (its replicating to itself as its SBS2008).

As soon as i re-enable the replication the folder is accessible - however the contents is blank again. Thus why i feel this regular losing of all data is a replication issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is configured wrong or what i can do to stop the data disapearing?

look forward to your responses.
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I think i may have spotted the issue - the public folder store had an age lkimit set to 7 days. I have changed this to 24855 and will monitor. Hopefully its as simple as this - however would still appreciate your views.

Additionally is anyone aware what i enter in order to set it to never remove on age limits?



I have now set this to database limits and remove the limitation from the public folder databse to age items.

Have tested and seems to be working perfectly.